How Can a Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach Help You?

Posted On: July 21, 2020

When do you need a cross-cultural leadership coach and business strategist?    


Depends on the person and situation!

Below are 15 reasons international-minded professionals such as you seek assistance from a cross-cultural leadership coach or a cross-cultural business strategist. This list is not exhaustive.

      1. I work with Americans, but am not a US citizen. I may or MAY not live in the US (work from offshore). How can I understand American work expectations better to provide better customer service and service delivery? 
      2. I want to learn how to manage difficult situations (conflict) with my international colleagues. 
      3. How is feedback given and received in different cultures?
      4. How can I motivate international teams?
      5. How can our team how manage diversity and be inclusive of people from different backgrounds in a professional manner? 
      6. We are building teams across cultural and global borders. How can we build effective business relationships across cultures? 
      7. How do we host foreign delegates, clients or colleagues in offshore locations?
      8. I am a female expat trying to build my career in a male-dominated industry. 
      9. How do I identify and cope with culture shock?
      10. I want my offshore team to understand US culture before coming onsite in addition to taking part in relocation coaching. (Or, I’d like my US based team to understand the culture of our offshore teams to work more effectively together.) 
      11. How can we prepare to move home after living abroad for some time? (Also known as repatriation. Repatriation coaching can start before the expat assignment starts.) 
      12. How can I prepare and deliver engaging virtual meetings, presentations, demos and other interactions to global teams?
      13. What communication strategies should I keep in mind while interacting with professionals from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds?
      14. How can I lead cross-cultural global teams? 
      15. What are best practices to keep in mind while starting projects with international stakeholders?

Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach, ICF PCC certified coach, and author of this post has worked with over 4,000 global professionals with the express aim of improving business relationship building on global, dispersed, and virtual teams. Contact us today. Or, take a look at this video that talks about how the first discovery call takes place. 

The whowhat, when, wherewhy and how of cross-cultural training and strategy facilitation.

Original posting, Jan. 2011, Updated: Nov 2014, Nov. 2015, July 2020


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