Tour of St. George – ESL Podcast

Posted On: May 15, 2020

We are all missing “normal life” – which means different things to different people. For many of us it probably doesn’t mean to #stayathome and work from home day in and out….
I thought to start a series talking about things I like to do outside of quarantine….all through the t-shirt collection I have amassed in our travels.

In this first episode, which I am calling T-shirt Travel Tales a podcast I am making for English as Second Language learners who are also interested in learning about the USA and American English, I want to talk about the Tour of StGeorge bike ride… something I am still surprised I was able to complete!

In this series, I hope to introduce you to some cool activities that can be done in Utah and cool things to see. (Mostly, it will be in Utah, but some other US states will be represented as well.)


Tour of St. George – American English Podcast

And, a big THANK YOU to Red Rock Bicycle Company and Ride Southern Utah (that hosts this ride and others) for allowing us to share about this event and our experience here on our blog at Authentic Journeys! I would be amiss without mentioning that completing this ride was a long-time goal I had, for which I had trained all year long to do. It was incredible to have finished the ride!






Here are a few more pictures of cycling in StGeorge, Utah.

Southern Parkway Route 7, Border of Utah and Arizona
Dixie Hill- Landmark of St. George City



Thank you for visiting the blog and listening to the episode!
Check out episode 2- Road Cycling in Moab, Utah.

Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural business trainer and coach who loves to cycle and hike the American Southwest. See more hiking and cycling adventures hereLearn about her work here.


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