May 9, 2020

Fragomen India's Online Talent Show During #stayathome

You know what I absolutely love about working in India? No matter how "negative" the situation is in front of people, they make the absolute best of the NOW!!! Because, after all, that's all we have is the NOW, right??

Who would have thought employee engagement would be made to look easy during our exclusive work from home #stayathome period when no one is going to the office? Well, the team at Fragomen in Infopark have done just this! Take some time to browse the images and videos below!
Motivational Message
#stayathome - This too shall pass

Fragomen India's Online Talent Show During #stayathome

Thank you to everyone who made these works of art possible! These first two are English songs that most people will recognize! 

April 23 - Hindi Song Compilation

April 9- Malayalam Song Melodies

Thanks to everyone at Fragomen India & Kochi for bringing a ray of light and hope to us with your inspiring and creative renditions. 

Cooking Tutorial: Tasty Pakodas

Thank you to Team Fragomen Kochi for allowing us to feature your creative endeavors here on our blog! Can't wait to see what else you will be doing! 

See what other companies in India are doing for employee engagement during Coronavirus lockdown: 
Advenser Engineering Services 
ThinkPalm, Kochi 

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