How to Execute Saying Execute in English and the Letter X

Posted On: April 27, 2020

Pronounce Execute and the X sound in English

In the list of 60 plus words to pronounce more clearly, I will share how to pronounce “execute” and the get the right articulation for the X sound in English. This letter can be pronounced two different ways depending on the word or the placement of the letter in the word. In this video I discuss this and also share how two Indian languages (Malayalam and Tamil) transliterate this sound into their phonetics (as these two languages do not have letter X or an X sound, in my understanding). I help you to apply some MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) tips to reduce the accent when using this sound in English words. 

Keep in mind, I promise I mean absolutely no offense in the video below. Often in India, when sharing feedback on clear speaking to clients, I would give feedback based on how my ‘American’ ear heard it. In fact, many would ask me, “Would native American English speakers hear this word the way I am saying it?” And, if I said no, the client would ask me to replicate what I actually heard. In some cases, what I heard was a sound I couldn’t replicate in English, sometimes it was a sound I could replicate in English, and sometimes I couldn’t get it at all. In some cases, the sound I heard could change the meaning of the word to a word that doesn’t exist or a word that does exist but has a completely different meaning. (For instance, this can happen with complementary sounds like w and v- if one says “love” I may hear “low.”) It are these rudimentary techniques I used to help many clients I worked with, along with a very basic study of linguistics, as I am not a professional linguist.

Take a listen to the video below to try out these new sounds or share your thoughts.

How to Say Execute in 

English and the Letter X

Jennifer Kumar is a coach that works with foreigners in North America to help expat professionals speak with more confidence in a culturally appropriate way to make the best impression and build relationships in and out of work. Contact us to learn more.

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