Pronounce “Medicare” with an American Accent

Posted On: December 17, 2019

It may seem like an easy word to pronounce, but the word Medicare is easy to mispronounce to a US American if one is not familiar with the US English phonetics. 

Recently, I created a tutorial on how to pronounce Medicare with a US American accent. This tutorial is so long (over 5 minutes), because I break down the phonetics and describe to you how to make the sounds using your mouth, jaw, and tongue. 

If you happen to know US phonetics and don’t have time for the video, here’s the recap of the tutorial in a few pictures. The video tutorial is below these images.

How to Pronounce Medicare with a US Accent

Step 1: Take the word and divide it into syllables: ME – DI – CARE

Step 1: Take the word and divide it into syllables: ME - DI - CARE

Step 2: Isolate the first syllable: ME

Step 2: Isolate the first syllable: ME

Step 3: Isolate the second syllable: DI

Step 3: Isolate the second syllable: DI

Step 4: Isolate the last syllable: CARE

Step 4: Isolate the last syllable: CARE

Step 5: After isolating the syllables, bring them together, pronouncing them slow, medium and fast, until you get a good flow. This is demonstrated in the video below.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you’re curious why I created this tutorial and post, I am Jennifer Kumar, I train many individuals who live in India how to work effectively in virtual environments and in global teams. I have coached many who work in medical related processes where the word ‘Medicare’ is often used (customer support, email support, software support and creation, back office support, etc.). Often this word was mispronounced. In such cases, Americans were having a hard time understanding what was being said. Since this was such a critical word in so many conversations, it was important to get it right. While I am not an accent expert per se, I am a cross-cultural business facilitator coach and global communication strategist who’s goal is to help you be understood by your global counterparts, through clear speaking (not faking an accent) and learning how to make small talk, build conversations and relationships in business. In some cases, it is imperative to learn a local pronunciation to localize your customer service. Articulating words and phrases in a way the team members, customers or others understand easier paired with a cultural understanding of how to provide good service is the goal behind what I do. I thought as there are many people working in such processes who may wonder why US Americans often ask for a repeat, I would create and share this tutorial with you. I am here to work with your team on cross-cultural understanding behind how to provide good, culturally-relevant customer service while learning to localize English to a more English vernacular to enhance the efficiency of spoken English. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (about 400 miles NE of Las Vegas). I have lived in India for close to ten years. My business (Authentic Journeys) is registered in the US and India. I provide live online classes over time zones to your team preparing them in the most relevant way to working, presenting, and communicating effectively in a virtual environment.

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