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December 19, 2018

December Holiday Wishes & Small Talk Tips

Making Small Talk: US Cross Culture TrainingHello, everyone! With Christmas holidays already starting for some in the U.S., I'm really down to the wire in reaching out to you!

In fact, I have had a few clients from India reach out to me in December asking me why their emails and enquiries are not being responded to as quickly as usual. Typically from Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November) until after January 1, things can be slow. You could akin it to how things slow down in India around Onam or Diwali time.

Did you have a holiday party in your office? I'd be interested to hear about it and see photos! Did you do a gift exchange? What interesting gifts did you give or receive with your colleagues?

Since this year most probably are starting their holiday leave from December 21, you still have time to check in and to wish them before they head out (some may not return until after the new year).

If you miss the chance to wish before the end of this week, when the new year starts, you can ask them how their holidays went or if they have a New Year's Resolution! That always can bring up some interesting insights to your US counterparts on a personal level. Most people are open to talking about their New Year's Resolution! Do you have one!? Feel free to share your goals, dreams and hopes for the new year!

Wishing you a wonderful 2019 ahead! Thank you for keeping in touch!

Thank you,
Jennifer Kumar

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