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September 22, 2018

A Cost-Effective Virtual Program for U.S. Bound Expats

Ready to Expat to the USA - Cross-Cultural Training
The U.S. Travel Preparedness Program prepares your offshore teams and other business professionals to travel to the U.S. 

The course outline below represents the generic or vanilla course. We will happily tailor this course to your team's unique business travel needs. Some of the adaptations are listed below the generic course outline for your reference.

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Course Outline/Syllabus for "Ready to Expat to the U.S."
Course delivery: on site at your company or online with a live facilitator
Online [live, facilitator led) delivery will be broken into 1.5-2 hour modules, with a maximum or 8-10 participants.

Meet, Greet & Get to Know
    Learning how to introduce and give handshakes in an American way
    Handshake Practice in Face to Face Sessions
  • Introductions
  • Handshakes & Body Language Tips
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Small Talk Workshop- Avoidable, Acceptable & Cautionary Topics
  • Comparison of Small Talk in Professional Cultures (Your country vs. the USA)
  • Small Talk Demos- Flow of a "Small Talk Conversation," How to handle unknown delicate or taboo topics
  • American style conversational cues and pleasantries
  • Small Talk Role Plays- Handling diversity, inclusion, group discussions
Getting There & Getting Around
Interactive, Virtual Training Session Preparing Expats to Come to the US
  • Packing bags, traveling there, and tips for first time fliers 
  • Visa and Immigration Safety
  • Getting around in the US- Public & private transport
  • Personal Safety
  • Finding a Place to Live- Leases & housing tips
  • Weather, time & season
  • Weather and average temperatures – Clothing needed
  • Time zones & daylight saving time
Basic Expectations – In the Office & Society
  • Time management (what being on time means, and how to handle lateness, changes in schedules)
  • Typical Schedules (work day, conferences, etc)
  • Dress codes (Special visits, daily work, after work, conferences, etc.)
  • Expectations (dos and don'ts) in offices vs. conference venues, etc.
  • Body language & personal space
  • Different kinds of meetings
  • Meal-time and restaurant etiquette
  • Public Hygiene & Restroom Etiquette
  • Going to an American’s House
Jennifer Kumar addressing the crowd
Jennifer Kumar, Facilitator, addressing a cohort in person in India.

Options Available to Tailor to Your Team's Specific Needs 
  • Conference or Knowledge Transfer expectations and networking etiquette. 
  • Destination Services to groups going to particular cities in the US.: Some of the services available under destination services include (not limited to): city overview (given through discussion and/or fact sheet, tailored to your team's needs), public transport and private transport options, housing options, school tips, others as identified.
  • Weekend or off-hours entertainment options: Based on the preferences of your team, we can identify fun things to do in the immediate area (or specified travel area) when you are not working. 
  • Staying or living recommendations: Though this can be included under destination services, this may go a step further in understanding the cultural etiquette in staying in hotels, apartments, and other living quarters.  
  • American Holidays, Sports, or other related fun stuff! 
  • Others as identified 

We have proudly delivered this program to over 2,000 professionals in different iterations, from one to ten participants (online), and 10 to 100 in person (though ideally, 20-25 is an ideal audience size). As this program can be general, it has been delivered to professionals in a wide variety of industries and to professionals of a wide range of ranks and titles.

Participants can also opt to receive the 'Small Talk Newsletter,' an email bulletin that's issued before most major U.S. holidays that introduce your team to the holiday, reason for celebration, how it's celebrated and small talk topics that relate to that time of the year. This is available for free to anyone, even if they have not attended the training. Sign up below! 

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