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July 5, 2018

6 Steps to Add Training to LinkedIn

Display your professional development on LinkedIn.
Are you one of the almost 4,000 professionals who have attended a workshop, training program or coaching session through Authentic Journeys? 

If yes, do you want to display this on your LinkedIn profile? 

It is simple and easy in 6 steps. You can also add your certificate to your profile. If you did not get a certificate or do not have a digital certificate, contact us, we can send one to you! 

6 easy steps (with images) to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile: 

Step 1: 
On your LinkedIn profile, go to the Education section > Click the plus sign to the right of the header to add something.

Display your cross cultural training on LinkedIn.

Step 2: 
Type in School Name as “Authentic Journeys” (Infopark should also display in small letters below it.)

Step 3 : 
In the “Field of Study” field, type in the name of your program. (ie. Business Etiquette in the U.S.. The title will be on your certificate. If you do not have a certificate, feel free to ask us.)

Display your career building classes on LinkedIn.

Step 4: 
Enter Year (optional)

Step 5: 
Course Description. This is optional. We will provide it to you OR if you don’t have it, get in touch with us to get a course description.

Display your corporate training certificates on LinkedIn.

Step 6: Media. Add your certificate PDF here.

Display your corporate training certificates on LinkedIn.

Feel free to follow our School Page on LinkedIn for updates and to see alumni.  

Authentic Journeys is a corporate training firm focusing on providing culture awareness training to those working between cultures with focus on India and the U.S. We have provided India Cultural Training and American Business Offshore Training Programs to over 4,000 professionals such as you since 2009.

**Note the image of a certificate shown is not of an actual learner. This is to protect the confidentiality of learners. Feel free to visit the LinkedIn School Page to see interested professional connections.

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