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December 1, 2017

Easy and Fun Way to Write a Casual Paragraph in English

Happy Holidays
The tips in this blog will help you with more of a casual, creative style of writing rather than business writing. It's a departure for me, as well, to try this out, but it has worked out well. 

I am currently doing volunteer work with refugees in Salt Lake City. In our weekly 1.5 hour English as Second Language classes, we were learning about business and resume writing until recently. In the last few weeks, the focus shifted to more of a creative style of writing. I was given the challenge to come up with an activity for this mixed beginner level ESL learners from various countries. 

The worksheet below was created by me, and used as an aid for the activity. However, before handing out this worksheet, I led a discussion asking the students what their favorite holiday was in their native country or in the U.S., they could choose. As all the students were more confident speaking in English, this was not only a time each student could share about their holiday, but they could interact with other students and ask them more about their holidays. It was fun and very informative. 

After all of the students and teachers shared their answers, the students were given the  handout below. Some were able to answer the questions on their own and some needed help. In some cases, the learners needed to be asked the questions in various ways if they did not understand all the vocabulary being used on the worksheet, or they needed help to put their answers into complete sentence (as some may prefer to answer in one or two words). 

After they wrote their answers, some could line up their answers into a paragraph, some needed assistance, and some found it easier to reuse the sample paragraph adding in their own answers.

When I facilitated this exercise, section 3 was not on the worksheet. So, for the student who preferred this, I hand wrote it and then updated the worksheet to have a typed version available.

The learners had fun doing this because they could talk about fond memories of their countries and also things they liked about their new homes in the U.S.

Feel free to use this worksheet by downloading and printing it. We request you to leave the footer in tact in your print as copyright. Thank you.

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Picture: ylmworkshop @flickr creative commons

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