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October 30, 2017

Small Talk Newsletter Sample for Halloween and the Time Change

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Greetings Fans, 

Hope the last few months have been going well for you. As we settle in Salt Lake City, I am committed to staying in touch with you!

I know several Indian holidays have passed since we last communicated- hope the holiday season has been as fun and amazing for you as it has for us! (Right, picture of me dressed up for Diwali.)

A few important days are coming up in the few weeks that I'd like to share with you.
Questions to start conversations about Halloween
Oct. 31
DST & Offshore Schedules After The Time Change 
Small Talk Starters 
Nov. 5, 2am
All about Veterans Day with videos! 

Nov. 11
A few more popular blog posts over the last month: 
See you in the next small talk newsletter.

Thank you,
Jennifer Kumar

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