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April 3, 2017

Top 5 Guest Blogs of All Time

The first guest blog was posted to the Authentic Journeys' blog in April 2011. Since then, a total of 40  guest blogs have been submitted by 17 authors. Let's see what the top ten guest blogs have been over the years.

Knowing How to Talk: Generalizations, Stereotypes and How They Differ
This article by Daniel LaFontaine has been viewed over 11,500 since Oct. 2012. 

Impact of Globalisation and Multiculturalism
Viewed almost 3600 times since 2012, this article was submitted by 

3 Tips to Understand Russians
With 2300 views, this piece was submitted in 2011 by Margarita Gokun Silver. 

Tips for Relocating to Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Submitted by MoveOne in 2011, this article has almost 1800 hits.

6 Questions to Start a Small Talk Conversation
An abbreviated post by Lindsay McMahon has recieved 1650 views since June 2015. 

Safe ≠ Safe Abroad: InterNations and Safety for American Expats in India
Tied with Linsday's article, Valentina Griffin of Internations wrote this in 2001.

Remaining authors in alphabetical order by first name: 
Alphonsine Imaniraguha, Amanda, Ben Richardson, Carolyn Sperry, Chithra R, Haikaa Yamamoto, Hari KT, Jessica Kumar, Kaberi Chatterjee, Kavyanidhi Narayan, Lauren Mokasdar, Luther Putu, Matt Wade, Pawan Kumar Sharma, Preethi Kannath, Simanta Mohanty, Srini Vasan, Sufi Chris, Urvashi Pande, Yolanda Owens

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