April 3, 2017

Guest Blog Guidelines

Are you looking to submit guest blogs to a well-reputed, well-trafficked blog? 

From time to time, Authentic Journeys accepts guest blogs. Here are some of the guidelines for guest bloggers to keep in mind if you contact us for submitting your pieces:
  1. Word count: 500-600 words
  2. Submit up to 2 images with credit
  3. Up to 2 links to your business blog/profile 
  4. Must have a writer/company bio 
  5. No remuneration. All posts are done on a volunteer basis without pa
  6. We require you to find one or two blogs from our blog to link back anywhere on your site.

Guidelines for topic and content:
  1. Feel free to suggest topics as per the dropdown menu list items of this blog 
  2. Blog content should not be salesy 
  3. No particular product or service should be overtly mentioned in the blog
  4. Blog content should be either instructional or informational (like a how-to) 
    Disclaimer to be added as per interaction:
    "The information in this post is for research, instructional or informational purposes. Authentic Journeys does not promote or advertise <company name>, nor have the two companies done business together." 


    Process to submit your articles: 
    1. Contact Us with your article topic ideas 
    2. Provide at least 2 links to already published works online. 
    3. If they are accepted, you can write a blog or blogs 
    4. Once they are received by us, they will be reviewed. If any changes or edits are requested, we will let you know.
    5. English grammar will not be edited by Authentic Journeys unless the author wants to pay for that service. Articles will end with <sic> to denote that no edits have been made. 
    6. If your blog is accepted, it will be posted within two weeks. 

    Note: Because we do not edit your piece, if the English requires a lot of edits/work, we will inform you to get it grammar checked and edited at your own expense.
    For examples of previous guest blogs, view the 35 guest blogs available as of April 2017. 
    If you don't have time to view all 35, see the top 5 posted April 2017. 
    Additional Information: 
    1. Authentic Journey blog started in 2011. As of April 2017, it has 2,067,241 hits. 
    2. The most popular blog is: When do Americans eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    3. Topics highlighted in the top 10 blogs of all time include: daylight saving time, idioms in American English, E-mail etiquette, and American pleasantries. 
    4. Top 5 countries browsers come from: The U.S., India, the U.K., Canada, and France. 
    If you are interested in being a guest blogger, contact us with prospective article ideas that fall in the framework of what is mentioned in this post. Thank you.

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