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February 18, 2017

How to Find Good Quality Insurance For Your US Visit

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When you’re heading to a foreign country, working out what sort of health coverage you need can be tricky. Local health laws, care standards and medical costs can be a mystery. Finding a health insurance plan when traveling can be remarkably easy, but finding good quality cover that won’t leave you high and dry when you need care can be more difficult. 

Having previously covered what your insurance options might be when traveling to the US for business, this time we’re going to discuss how to make sure you’re finding not only a good plan but also the best deal available for that coverage. 

Where to find good insurance? 

Opportunities to buy insurance are everywhere; airlines and booking agents will offer travel insurance when you purchase your tickets, online comparison websites advertise good deals on plans, and many insurers themselves have worked hard to make their brands synonymous with the phrase “insurance”. As a traveling expat consumer, how do you know where the best place to go is? 

Booking agent and airline-linked travel insurance 

Often when you’re booking an overseas flight, the airline or booking agent you’re using will offer you the option to purchase travel insurance with your flights. Insurance will be sold by the airline or agent, but will generally be provided through an insurer such as American International Group (airline Emirates use AIG subsidiaries and affiliates depending on where in the world you fly with them from).

Purchasing insurance through these channels will generally have the lowest premium cost available. They’re also simple and easy to use; you will be provided with your insurance policy details at the same time you receive your flight details. The risk is that their cheaper price can often indicate low benefits and limits, meaning needing care abroad can sometimes end up with more out-of-pocket costs. 

Online comparison websites 

Online insurance quote comparison websites, such as India’s Policybazaar, are big business. These sites have tools available for expats to have a number of quotes populated for them from a database, based on a few questions about them and their traveling plans. This means greater choice over what you choose to pay for your travel insurance, and what benefits and limits you include.

A drawback is that these sites require you to do a lot more reading of the fine print yourself, as well as putting an expectation on you to understand insurance language. Otherwise you might be caught out with some policy jargon that makes you believe you’re covered for something you’re not.

Using an insurance broker

Insurance brokers work out the best possible price for a travel insurance plan while ensuring you get the sort of coverage you need. They’re a purchasing assistant, navigating the market and leveraging their established relationships with insurers, as well as a servicing agent who can help you make claims and support you through any issues (something airlines and websites won’t do).

A professional broker, such as Pacific Prime Singapore, can take a lot of the hassle and mystery out of finding appropriate health care coverage if you’re heading to the United States. If you have a business trip coming up and you need an insurance plan, contact their expert advisors today for a free quote!

About the Author

Luther Putu is a Marketing Executive for the international insurance broker Pacific Prime, an intermediary known for simplifying insurance matters. Their team works tirelessly to ensure their clients understand how healthcare works around the world, so they can get the best deals on insurance premiums wherever they are.


The information in this post is for research purposes. Authentic Journeys does not promote or advertise Pacific Prime (or related links in the post), nor have the two companies done business together. 

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