February 24, 2017

21 Ways We Learned To Impress American Clients

After attending the U.S. business culture training - Meetings with U.S. Clients from A to Z, participants noted these 21 ways they improved their client facing meeting skills.  

  1. How to schedule meetings
  2. How to prepare for the meetings
  3. Making sure we are starting 5 minutes early and ending 5 minutes early (Time Management)
  4. How to write a good agenda
  5. How to use questions instead of statements
  6. Need to find backups in case someone is absent (not to delay the meeting or start of the meeting)
  7. Give updates before they ask for it (proactive updating)
  8. Use names instead of he/she, title
  9. Importance of thank you: how to say thank you and respond to thank you
  10. How to participate more effectively
  11. Use open ended questions
  12. How to start a conversation
  13. Getting equipment ready for the meeting
  14. Negotiation - having facts ready, pros and cons
  15. Never say I don't know when we are not sure, but buy time, ask for clarity on the question or give partial information or reference
  16. How to give feedback (positive, negative, positive)
  17. Use names to show initiative
  18. Don't say hi friends or hi people (team)
  19. Housekeeping session
  20. Learned some better ways to respond to Americans questions- rather than just 'ok'
  21. I learned something about the American mindset which can help me interact with them better.

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