Alleviating Cross-Cultural Business Problems Between the US and India

Posted On: January 5, 2017

Cross-Culture & Virtual Team Training Resume
We have been incredibly fortunate to have worked in many parts of India, with professionals who work domestically and internationally with teams predominately in the US, but also in other parts of the world, as well.

The videos in this post showcase our work from 2013-2016. Following the videos, you can see a map of Authentic Journeys’ reach in India. 90% of the programs conducted in India have been onsite. It’s quite an honor to meet teams all over India, learning about their lives and diverse cultures.

Thank you for these great opportunities. Looking forward to more in the coming years!

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Creating High Performing Cross-Border Software Development Teams – 2013

Authentic Journeys’ Training Map in India

We look forward to continuing to help you build your international virtual teams. 

Jennifer Kumar, an American citizen has lived and worked in India for almost a decade. She heads Authentic Journeys with a base in Kochi, India and Salt Lake City, Utah. She shares a few things she liked about working in India here.  Get to know more about Authentic Journeys here.

Some of our programs include:
Get ready to come onsite to the USA 
Working with India: Cross Culture Training




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