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December 8, 2016

Travel Insurance For US Business Trips

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In this increasingly globalized world we are seeing an expanding number of people going to the US either for pleasure or for work. Some of us will go for extensive training, others will go for short business trips, while others still will go for short-term assignments or a vacation with our family. Regardless of the length of time spent in the US, there is one thing anyone going to the US needs to be aware of: It would be advisable to secure health insurance before you leave.
Types of insurance available for those going to the US 
Generally speaking, there are two main types of insurance available to those heading to the US: International health insurance and travel insurance. Below is a brief overview of each type of insurance, what they cover, and some important things to remember if you are considering either type of insurance.

International health insurance
These plans work like pretty much every other type of health insurance on the market. They are designed to provide people a way to offset the cost of medical care. The key difference here is that international plans offer cover in almost every country on earth, which means you can seek care while outside of your home country and still have it covered.

These plans, often designed with expats and High Net Worth Individuals in mind, tend to offer much higher coverage limits and better benefits than the plans developed for local markets, which only cover care in one country. These high limits afford people the ability to visit top healthcare facilities in the world, which is ideal for those who travel a lot for work or pleasure.

If you are looking for an international health insurance plan, it is essential to compare available plans as the level of care covered, benefits offered, and even coverage areas will be different. For example, some plans will only cover inpatient care, while others will offer full coverage.

It is also important to ensure that you secure a plan that covers health care in the US. Due to the country being the most costly location for medical care in the world, some international health insurance plans don't cover care in the US.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance, as one can probably guess from the name, is designed to protect people while they travel, and will usually have a set limit on how long the coverage will be valid (e.g., 30 days). As such, these plans cover a variety of different things including:

  • Lost or delayed luggage
  • Flight delays/cancellation
  • Cancelled trips
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical emergencies

The key thing to be aware of with travel insurance plans is that they are designed to cover you in an emergency. This is especially important when it comes to the medical cover, as these plans will not cover care that is elective e.g., if you go to the US and schedule a surgery that is not deemed to be an emergency. They will also usually have a maximum claim limit that will only see you well enough to travel back to your home country, where your insurance can take over care.

It is also important to note that not all plans are created equally. Some plans, especially those offered by budget airlines, will only cover extremely basic medical care and may not even cover things like lost luggage. It would be a good idea to review the information about the plan before purchasing one of these plans.   

About the Author
Pacific Prime is a leading global healthinsurance intermediary, helping over 120,000 expat clients around the world. Their expert advisors come with 16 years experience in providing the right international health insurance solutions for the best price, and their partners include many of the world’s global insurance brands.


The information in this post is for research purposes. Authentic Journeys does not promote or advertise Pacific Prime, nor have the two companies done business together.

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