Small Talk About The Weekend With American Counterparts

Posted On: July 15, 2016

Small talk about the weekend
“Happy Weekend” 
“What are your weekend plans?” 

These are two common ways I have heard people in Kerala, India greet each other on Fridays at work. Let’s look at a few ways Americans use English to talk about the weekend with their colleagues at work. 

In the video below, Jennifer Kumar from Authentic Journeys shares with you common American English questions and phrases used in official settings such as offices and small talk during meetings. 

In the video you will learn more than five different ways of talking about the weekend using American English ways of talking. 

Don’t forget about your tone of voice! Especially for those watching on virtual teams, Jennifer will demo a few phrases in different tones so that you can practice tonal awareness. As you will be mostly interacting over the phone, the tone of voice is critical to ending the call on a happy note. With the weekend around the corner, it’s in everyone’s interest to be happy and sound happy! Keep a smile in your voice! 

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