“How was your day?” – Common Small Talk Questions in the U.S.A.

Posted On: July 11, 2016

Learn more about the question “How’s your day?”

“How was your day?” is a common question asked in the U.S. In this video I share variations of this question along with common types of answers. 

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>"How was your day?" When to ask, how to answer.
In our small talk training, your team will learn how to apply the common acceptable questions in conversations and emails with U.S. counterparts to improve working relationships. Your team will also get a lot of practice in creating small talk conversations, including the tricky transition from small talk to business talk (at the beginning of a call), as well as the transition from business talk to small talk (at the end of a call). We also talk about avoidable questions, and practice how to handle difficult conversations in case we accidentally ask the wrong question. 

Another way to ask “How was your day?”

Another version of this question is “How did it go?” “It” would refer to “your day” in this case. Learn more about the question, “How did it go?” 
“How did it go?” – Meanings & How to Answer
How did it go? – When to Ask, How to Answer

Check out another similar small talk question you can ask on Fridays, “How was your weekend?” 

A similar question which is reserved for a more stressful time, “How are you holding up?” 

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