July 4, 2016

Going to the Park on Independence Day: How to Prepare

Have you been invited to spend the 4th of July with your colleagues or friends in the U.S.? 

The good thing about going onsite in the summer is the custom of having outdoor events, such as picnics, parties and concerts. Many Americans generally like to either celebrate 4th of July with a picnic or barbeque at home or at a park or beach. In New York State, where I am from, it was common to go to the park, which often had a lake beach. Parks were crowded on these days. In the video below, I will share with you what to expect if you are invited to a 4th of July cookout at someone's house or nearby state park or county park. 

The outline of the video is as follows: 

  • I speak about the geography of New York State in relation to going to the park.
  • Make sure you get there really early in the day. I talk about why this is critically important, even though the fireworks could be later at night.
  • Things that Americans pack in their car to assure a good 4th of July picnic.
  • What you need to barbeque at a state park (at least in New York State).
  • Games that people bring to the park and play.
  • Cost of going to the park.
  • Do people drink on the 4th of July? I talk about this in the video.
  • What about fireworks? 

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Fireworks at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains.

In this video, filmed in a small state park - Silver Lake State Park- I show how the tables and barbeque grills are set up and a few other tips to keep in mind while visiting a state park.

Fireworks in Rochester, New York.

In this video, filmed in Kinzua Dam State Park in Pennsylvania, I share more tips on visiting State Parks. 

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Note: This is video #4 in the 1 video a day for 100 days challenge. (The first video in the post!)

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