July 7, 2016

Difference Between Small Talk in the U.S. & India

The Small Talk Seminar is one of the most popular training programs offered through Authentic Journeys; over 1,000 people have attended it so far. 

Based on the lessons I have learned delivering this session to over 1,000 professionals, I will share some of the dos and don'ts of small talk, including: 
  • What are common questions to ask in India, and if they are acceptable with Americans 
  • How to translate Indian English questions into American English (if needed) 
  • Different variations (or synonyms) for these questions 
  • How to hear these questions more clearly if Americans are speaking fast (accent reduction and listening comprehension) 
  • How to answer these questions
  • How to add these questions into various types of conversations 
  • Which questions are acceptable, avoidable and cautionary 

Listen to the video below for the introduction to this series. Keep tuned into this blog to follow this series.

Question tutorials in this series: 
How's your day? 
Doing anything fun this weekend? 
How was your weekend? 

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