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July 26, 2016

6 Ways You Can Convince Someone!

How can I convince my American counterparts better? 

6 Ways You Can Convince Someone!Whether you are looking to convince, influence, persuade, negotiate or impress your American colleagues about your idea, strategy, timeline or any other relevant information, it is important to get into their mindset. 

The video below provides six strategies you can use to win over your American colleagues. Carefully study each strategy. How can you use any or all of these strategies to sell your clients or counterparts on your idea? 

While we may think we can learn the technique, then jump on a call or into the boardroom ready to eloquently state our case, it may be better to carefully study the strategies pick one or more that fit your situation, then carefully sit down and craft your message. Oftentimes the way the message is structured would set the tone more than the tone of voice! 

How can you demonstrate to your American counterpart that your ideas are worthy? 

Can you find a way to satisfy their needs while standing your ground? 

How can you put across your new time line or updated feature list that would make sense to the U.S. stakeholders? 

Can you make them see your point of view? 

Of course you can! It is possible. I have coached teams on this over the years with good results. While the initial stages of implementing these skills take time (they are, after all, skills), over time the skills will get easier to do more spontaneously. 

Keeping in mind no cultural variable can be taken in isolation, marry these skills with other communication and relationship building tactics we have learned over the span of this blog - small talk, time management, how to disagree or say someone is wronghow to say no with finesse, and how to give negative feedback in a collaborative manner (among others). While I agree it's a lot to learn and implement, try to implement elements one at a time rather than the whole thing at once to see small, sustained results. 

Watch the video, The Science of Persuasion.

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