Late to Meetings? What do Americans Think?

Being late to virtual meetings with U.S. clients or colleagues can mark the beginning of the end for many cross-border client building relationships.   But what does it mean to actually be late with Americans?    Let’s say a meeting starts at 11am – what time is too late to start the meeting?    In […]

European Culture- It’s Not All The Same!

Can you provide us a training program on European Culture? How about the U.S. and U.K. cultures? Many have a preconceived notion that all of the European countries can be lumped together- maybe to save time (and money) on training. Others feel that the U.S. and the U.K. can be lumped together, as they are […]

We Delivered On-Time to the Americans: They Did Not Seem Happy- Why?

“When the American client asks me why I did something out of order, I feel they don’t trust our expertise!??!” This has been mentioned in exasperated tones by many Indians in offshore teams that Authentic Journeys has worked with. While many cross-cultural business experts ascertain Americans would care more about getting the job done than […]

How Do You Want To Be Remembered by Clients, Customers or Colleagues?

Did you know keeping your clients or customers happy is as simple as an acknowledgment? It also never hurts to acknowledge and thank your colleagues who help you and work with you side by side everyday.   Often, we get caught up in our day to day work, things either become routine and we forget […]

StartUp Branding: E-mail ID Rendering & Punctuation

Long back, I had a south Indian friend, let’s call him Ramakrishnan Nandhakumar (not his real name). After studying at MIT, he got hired at a Fortune 500 company in the Twin Towers. When he had sent me an email from his corporate account, it rendered in my inbox like this: Ramakrishnan X Nandakumar <ramakrishnan.x.nandhakumar@…….> I […]

What do Americans Eat for Breakfast?

Many say a good breakfast gets your day off on the right foot. There are many common breakfast foods Americans eat before going to work, on their way to work, or at work, depending on their schedule. I will share some common foods I have seen people eat for breakfast at home, in hotels, and […]

Dads and Grads – What & When Is It?

Many may say the term “dads and grads” is a marketing gimmick. And, maybe it is, but let’s look at why you may hear this term in relation to special occasions and observances in U.S. What is Dads & Grads? What does Dads & Grads mean?  Dads refers to Father’s Day. Grads refers to graduates […]

How did it go? – When to Ask, How to Answer

What does this question, “How did it go?” mean and how to answer this common question will be tackled here. In case you want more information, see this post from 2013.  Meaning of “How did it go?” In this question, “it” refers to some event or moment in time that was discussed earlier in the […]

How to Know Before You Go Onsite

Everyone who works with U.S. clients in distributed teams wants at least one chance to go to the U.S. Though this seems like a strange question, do you know that if you go onsite, you will have to talk to Americans? Companies spend big bucks to sponsor visas, travel, housing, food and living expenses for […]

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