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May 19, 2016

Pit Stops on U.S. Road Trips

For those who have spent any time in the U.S. on expat assignment, onsite at the client site, it is possible to have time to take a short (or long!) road trip. The road network is extensive in the continental 48 states. Along the way, there are many things to stop and see or do. However, if you are only worried to get from point A to point B, there are still some things to see with limited time, or exits from the highway. 

One such thing to stop and see is a welcome center. Some reading this may think I am being sarcastic, while others may also appreciate this. Actually, there is something I quite like about stopping at welcome centers, rest and service areas off highways. 

So, what is a Welcome Center? 

How can you get to it? 
What all is in a welcome center? 

I share a little about this with you in the video below. Scroll below the video to see some photos of the inside of this particular welcome center.

Photos of the inside of the Great Bend, Pennsylvania Welcome Center.
**Note, all photos in this post were taken by Jennifer Kumar.

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