Learn American Culture from a US Citizen That Lived in India for 10 Years

Posted On: May 24, 2016

Cross Culture Training Certificates

As of October 2020, over 4,200 professionals have attended Authentic Journeys workshops. While team leads, HR managers and training departments initially view the Authentic Journeys program offerings, many opt for tailor-made programs rather than the vanilla or cookie-cutter variety shown on the website. The list of about 20 programs in this post are a sampling of the tailor-made programs Authentic Journeys has created and delivered over the past few years. 

While customized programs are chosen by a majority of corporate clients, opting for one of the off-the-shelf programs listed on the website is completely acceptable, as well.  

List of Customized Cross-Cultural Business Training Programs in Alphabetical Order: 

American Communication Fundamentals 
Using real-time business case studies, our team learned how to use English to influence, convince and negotiate daily communication scenarios with Americans. This was a 20 hour, 5 day program. 

Client-facing Customer Service Workshops
Small group, individualized and targeted sessions focused on virtual team building, customer service and business communication skills for cross-cultural understanding.

Client-facing Customer Service for Phone Process (version 1)
Eight highly targeted sessions particular to the business process provided solutions for setting up a phone process with American customers in the mortgage banking space. Topics from culturally sensitive customer service to professional phone handling were practiced, analyzed and implemented. 

Client-facing Customer Service for Phone Process (version 2)
This three month, 30 hour program was tailored toward a business process provided that solutions for setting up a phone process with American and European customers. Topics from culturally sensitive customer service to professional phone handling were practiced, analyzed and implemented.

Client Facing Interview & Networking
Our team learned how to make a good impression when clients come for site visits and recruitment drives. We present ourselves in a way that would influence and convince the clients we were the right fit for their project. We learned about dressing for success, small talk, interview skills and more!

Customer Focused Solution Building
Building global, virtual teams and providing culturally relevant customer service across cultures was the aim of this one day session. We explored culturally relevant rapport and trust- building approaches that encourage collaboration and problem solving at all stages of client engagement. 

Deliver Impressive Status Updates 
We help you and your team to improve status updating be it during the scrum ceremony of the daily stand up meeting or via written emails or messages.

Get Ready for Short-Term Business Trips to the USA 
Everyday business professionals like you travel to the U.S. to represent your company in a variety of roles. While it is exciting to come to the United States, coming on a work assignment holds a certain responsibility that casual travel does not. We help you prepare for all aspects of your journey from before you leave, after you arrive, or even upon your return (repatriation).

Managing Client Expectations 
 This course enhances the professional and leadership presence of your teams. Participants who complete this program significantly increase their skills and confidence in managing meetings, projects and teams in a cross-cultural, virtual environment.
Working effectively across cultures

Online Tutor Orientation Workshop
This two day workshop provided an overview of the American education system, American learning strategies, virtual tutoring best practices and virtual customer engagement.

Question and Answer Consulting Session 
This is a group consulting session for an unlimited number of participants. The group leader will collect questions the team has about working with US clients. We meet for 1 hour sessions until all questions are answered.

Strategies for Sales Engagement
From cold calling to closing the deal, this hands-on workshop provided techniques to impress American prospects at each stage of the game. Through the use of real-life case studies, guidance was provided in combining company knowledge with pre-call research skills, handling common objections, conducting more interactive demos and applying the proper follow up protocol.

Team Building: Concept & Practice
Understanding and balancing perspectives in a team helps to build effective teams. In this workshop, we learned about team traps, effective communication tips to overcome team traps, how to use team roles to build effective teams and how to build our cross-cultural competency to work on global, virtual teams. 

Testimonials for Cross-Culture Training
See more of our completed programs here.

Small Talk With US American Clients: Cross-Cultural Training 

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, this program is for you: 
  • Do you avoid small talk because you worry you will make mistakes and broach incorrect topics? 
  • Or, maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about unknown topics like American sports (football, baseball)? 
  • Do you wonder how long small talk should be or how to transition from small talk to business talk? 
Regardless if your US counterpart is a client, colleague or prospective business partner, this seminar will help you gain confidence in making small talk with US Americans in a culturally competent way in a range business settings, from face to face meetings, to virtual meetings, conferences, and email interactions.

US Business Culture Webinar
This two session workshop focused on providing success tips for Indian offshore teams to plan a successful onsite visit. Topics ranged from first impressions, small talk, business culture tips, meeting management, and workplace expectations. 

Virtual Meetings that Impress Americans & Get Work Done 

If you work with Americans from outside the U.S. on a virtual team, you quickly find out that your clients, colleagues, or stakeholders in the U.S. have different expectations of what an effective meeting is, how they communicate and how they get work done. We help you build the cultural context you need to be successful on a virtual team with U.S. counterparts.

Wow US Clients During Demos & Sales Presentations 

This program will help both sales teams and client facing development teams to effectively structure their programs for more impactful sales before and client retention during the engagement.

Write Emails that are Read and Answered

If you write emails across global borders, our approach helps you to use your English effectively with those in different countries. Your emails will get noticed, read and answered with more ease after coaching with us. In addition, other business writing will become crisper, polished and more professional.

Jennifer Kumar

Authentic Journeys’ Managing Director, Jennifer Kumar is an American citizen, an expat living in Kochi, India. Jennifer was educated in the U.S. and India as well as being a native speaker of American English, she has worked in the U.S. in various business settings, providing a real-life example of what it is like to work with Americans (on virtual, outsourced teams) or in the U.S. onsite in face-to-face contexts. For companies in Kochi (Cochin), Ernakulam and surrounding areas, contact us for more details today.

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