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May 17, 2016

Add Authentic Journeys Training to LinkedIn Profile

Are you looking for a way to stand apart from the rest on LinkedIn? Current employers, recruiters and prospective employers use LinkedIn to assess your career pathway and professional development for assessing promotions and new job prospects. Don’t be left behind! Your company invested in you to attend Authentic Journeys' training programs. Showcasing the professional development on your LinkedIn profile is not only a good way to add value to your profile, but demonstrates your willingness to learn new things, apply new concepts, and develop relationship building skills across cultures which are so crucial in today’s global careers. 

So, are you ready to add the program(s) you attended through Authentic Journeys to beef up your LinkedIn profile? 

Of course you are! 

Below, you will find directions in the form of written instructions as well as a video demo. Feel free to select the method you find most comfortable. 

Written Instructions to Display Authentic Journeys’ Programs on Your LinkedIn Profile:
  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile in EDIT mode.
  2. Scroll to the EDUCATION section
  4. FILL IN AS FOLLOWS: SCHOOL: {TYPE IN] AUTHENTIC JOURNEYS **MANDATORY*** DATES ATTENDED: (Contact us if you don’t remember) FIELD OF STUDY: (Contact us if you don’t remember) GRADE: Leave blank ACTIVITIES AND SOCIETIES: LEAVE BLANK DESCRIPTION: (Contact us for the description.)
  5. Click save! You are done!
After saving the changes to your profile, visit the Authentic Journeys’ Education Page to meet other alumni and also leave your feedback about Authentic Journeys’ programs.

Note, you will need to be logged in to LinkedIn to see the LinkedIn pages linked above. 

When contacting us, please note the approximate date you took the program, and the company you worked for at the time. 

Video Instructions
Please follow the video demo below to display your workforce development programs on your LinkedIn profile: 
Part 1: How to Add Training Programs To Your Linked In Profile

Part 2: Walk Through of the Authentic Journeys' Education Page on LinkedIn
The Reason Why Authentic Journeys is Listed Under Education (View on YouTube).

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Thank you for your support and hope to see you on the Authentic Journeys LinkedIn Educational Page

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