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May 13, 2016

A Real Life Example of Virtual Coaching

About 10% of Authentic Journeys clients are private clients. They pay out of pocket to attend one-on-one highly individualized and tailored sessions either in person in Kochi or from any where in the world over the Internet.

Build your confidence to talk with American colleagues or clients.
In many cases, the candidates will share recordings with me; recordings of work-related presentations or demos, recordings speaking activities I suggest based on techniquest they want to improve, or recordings showcasing their English in a real life conversation with a colleague or a friend (often a native speaker). After receiving these recordings, I offer consultation and advice on a range or elements from clarity of voice to delivery to flow of presentation or build up of topic.

The video below was made a few years ago while coaching a Malayalam native speaker working on a global team with professionals on all continents. Like many of the professionals Authentic Journeys works with, this particular candidate was confident in interacting in English with non-native speakers, but lacked confidence in interacting with native, Western English speakers.

In many respects, the feedback I provided to this candidate applies to about 90% of those I coach on the topic of clear speaking and English conversational skills regardless of being a private or corporate client. While I do not mention the name of the client I made this video for, the client did provide permission for me to share this with others as he knows there are many who can benefit from the advice and insight I provided.

Please excuse me in advance for the very informal background. The video was made while working from home on a very, very casual Friday! Please look beyond this to the content. I hope it is helpful and useful to you or your India based offshore team members.

Why can’t I have a fluent conversation with a native English speaker? I know English!
See the video playlist "Speaking & Understanding American English" on YouTube.

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