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April 5, 2016

Phrases To End a Meeting

Ending the call without saying goodbye is a faux pas we all know to avoid. But, what do we do when we have finished talking about all the business aspects of a call? How can we wrap up the critical elements of the call before saying good bye and hanging up? 

Whether you coordinate calls with multiple global stakeholders on a regular basis or interact one-on-one with different customers every day in a call center type of environment, I have a few tips for you in the video below. As the tips are not comprehensive, do feel free to add your additional tips to the comment section below.  

Jennifer Kumar provides one-on-one and small group interactive sessions to professionals working in global environments to communicate more effectively across cultures. If your team would like to improve relationship building and customer service interactions with U.S. Americans, contact us today! Sessions such as Meeting Management from A-Z can be given in house or online.

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Topic: Business English, English as a Second Language, ESL tips, Customer Service

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