April 3, 2016

Building Cross-Cultural Competency in Business

Jennifer Kumar facilitates thought-provoking, hands-on sessions for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and students in the US.  

A sampling of the workshops held in conjunction with Authentic Journeys’ business mentor, Dick Petitte include: 
  1. Entrepreneurship and Work Culture in India 
    Women in Entrepreneurship, Monroe Community College (webinar) 
  2. Working in a Multi-Cultural Environment Workshop
    Class: Marketing Communications, Nazareth College 
  3. Business Ethics across Cultures
    Class: Entrepreneurship, Monroe Community College
  4. Service and Product Creation
    Class: Intro to Business, Monroe Community College 
  5. Interviewing with American Companies
    Via: International Student's Office, SUNY Brockport 
Do you teach a class in international business or business in India/Asia? Does your class have a chapter on outsourcing, offshoring to India, virtual teams, distributed teams, or global work culture? Jennifer Kumar, an American citizen who has been in India since 2011 is delighted to share her experiences with your students or business professionals from the perspective of an expat entrepreneur who has worked with over 30 Indian-based companies that specialize in outsourced, offshored and distributed work with American counterparts, clients and colleagues. Jennifer is available to come to the US or conduct seminars or classes as an adjunct professor via an online classroom. Contact us to start the discussion today!

Authentic Journeys: Work Effectively With Americans

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