American Communication Fundamentals in Business: Training Program

Posted On: March 23, 2016

Knock the socks off of 
your US counterparts by 

taking this course!

This 20 hour program will be delivered over five business days. This program can be adjusted to fit the needs of your audience, schedule, skill level and business outcome. 


  • Understanding effective and logical writing structures for clear, impactful writing 
  • How to organize complex messages into concise, clear, convincing communication
  • Use of business English, American English and cultural constructs to communicate effectively
  • Learn and practice clear speaking accent reduction (Mother Tongue Influence or MTI reduction), and effective listening skills for spoken communications
  • Applying skills learnt to real-life business scenarios with real-time feedback

For ideal outcomes, the company will provide writing or call samples and common communication scenarios (emails, reports, calls, meetings) to be used as case studies for practical feedback and improvement.

    Session Flow

    Day 1 (hours 1-4):

    Language Overview:

    • Introduction to American English
    • Use of vocabulary: idioms, differences between American and Indian English
    • Conversational grammar topics (part 1)

    The importance of communication and the problems that arise from miscommunication
    How do Americans think? How can we use this to build better business relations?

    Day 2 (hours 5-8):

    • Conversational grammar topics (part 2)
    • How to use and develop American word choice (continued from Day 1)
    • Clear speaking strategies to be introduced and practiced
    • Accent reduction, voice clarity, Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) reduction strategies

    Day 3 (hours 9-12):

    • Strategies and the mindset for targeting American readers will be analyzed and applied against common business communications
    • Developing and using writing structures will be discussed and practiced

    Day 4 (hours 13-16):

    • Strategies from the first 3 sessions will be applied for the entire duration of this workshop
    • Company-specific documents and/or emails will be analyzed rewritten by the attendees, guided by the instructor
    • Final writing samples will be reviewed line-by-line for structure, readability and content

    Day 5 (hours 17-20):

    • Attendees will re-enact a real-life business situation based on the business model (examples include sales presentations, project kickoffs, weekly client meetings, demos, or others based on business need)
    • Attendees will be analyzed on their presentation based on all the concepts taught in all previous sessions – writing structures, word choice, and clear speaking strategies learned in the prior sessions
    • An “open discussion” will be held to review key concepts as identified by the group, gather feedback, understand application and next steps
    • Individual feedback (for groups of 7 or less)


    • Facilitator can write up individual feedback for each participant as requested, or only select participants as identified
    • Facilitator can offer ideas for ongoing communication management sessions for one on one work with select candidates based on performance in the session, additionally assessed against key performance indicators (KPIs) on their annual reviews.
    • Online classroom for sharing of materials and interaction with instructor/facilitator
    • Small Talk Newsletter – A monthly newsletter providing tips about US holidays, dos and don’ts about making small talk with American colleagues
    • Certificates by request
    • Others as identified

    Miles Whitney, facilitator
    Miles holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the U.S.A. His most recent corporate role was a Technical Lead for a large international engineering firm where he was in charge of a diversified group of engineering professionals. Miles has taken the business communication skills he has learned from real-world experience in corporate America, and combined these skills with his passion for helping others. He is now ready to help you, your team, and your company develop the skill they need to succeed in this global economy.

    “The workshop was really cool and have ignited new thoughts about the way Americans think and work. A whole new perspective of ideas” – K. Anith Kumar

    “One of the biggest challenges for us is to get to know what a person from the U.S. is thinking when we say something. You have exactly explained what I needed.” – Madhur Awasthi 

    “A great training experience which clarified lot of misconceptions and tiny nitty-gritties that would help build our written and verbal skills effectively. The training given by a native American certainly helps us explore things from their perspective” – Abhimanyu Holkar 

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