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March 15, 2016

10 Tips to Work Effectively With Americans

Manoj KP, Director and CEO of ThinkPalm Technologies shares the top ten tips to work successfully with American clients and counterparts. 
  1. Be clear – if you don’t understand, get clarity, summarize and assure you understand. 
  2. Vet all processes up front  
  3. Don’t make assumptions 
  4. US counterparts expect transparency 
  5. Adapt to the process 
  6. Be ready to justify your position with fact, figures, and business reasons
  7. Know the big picture, not just the details of today 
  8. Be able to articulate your accomplishments and positions – not only in the selling process, but also during the engagement. 
  9. Focus on providing value adds and extras, more than what is explicitly asked for. 
  10. Communicate readiness to go to the next step 
Jennifer, of Authentic Journeys, with the
ThinkPalm team in 2017.

ThinkPalm Technologies, headquartered in Kochi, India, is a Product Engineering Services company focusing on enterprise solutions, business communications solutions and mobility solutions. To learn more about their work, visit the ThinkPalm website-

Author, Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director of Authentic Journeys, based in Salt Lake City, Utah helps teams like yours to learn and apply the tips in this article to convince, negotiate and build better relationships with US counterparts throughout the entire engagement- from sales, project deployment and meeting management, and follow up. Contact Authentic Journeys here.

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