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    Welcome to Authentic Journeys - ഓതെന്റിക് ജെർനീയ്സ് - US-India Cross-Cultural Training

February 9, 2016

Building Culturally Competent US-Client Facing Teams in India

Techolution was featured in the Building Global Teams: 2014-2015 Authentic Journeys Chronicle of Projects and People in the listing of client logos on the last slide.  
Team Training for Cultural Competence at Hyderabad

Techolution dedicates its full potential into Mobile & Web, Big Data/Data Science and the Internet of Things - new generation innovations, technologies and ideas in order to deliver unrivaled digital outcomes. [sic]

Training Interactive Activities

Meeting, interacting, and consulting with the team over the U.S. Independence Day weekend 2015 in Hyderabad was memorable. Their hospitality and help with my stay in the HiTech City area was unparalleled. While the training itself was memorable as the group learned about US work culture through discussions, role plays and agile/scrum-inspired games (pictured, right), we also had the opportunity to celebrate the July 4th by mixing together American decor with South Indian meals. The combination was a perfect mix of both cultures! 

Eating Andhra Meals for Lunch
A thali meal to remember

After the training, the participants said:
"This training not only helped me building my presentation skills but also played a vital role in Time Management, Client Relationship Management and boosted my strength to Interact with diversified people".
Learning about the US Independence Day

"One of the most interactive sessions I have attended. I still remember the training, implementing it and getting astounding results and confidence. Jennifer helps us understand in most creative, practical and easily understandable manner with lot of patience and generosity. Thank you Jennifer- Only you can make it possible"

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Authentic Journeys: Bridging Culture on Virtual Teams

We help build effective, culturally competent global teams with focus on the cultures of the USA and India. Jennifer Kumar, Managing Director, an American citizen, has almost 10 years experience living, studying and working (owning a business) in India. Authentic Journeys Consultancy is registered as a Private Limited in India (Kerala) and an LLC in the USA (Salt Lake City, Utah). We provide onsite and live-online instructor-led courses, facilitation and corporate coaching.