January 13, 2016

Understanding Team Dynamics

Buidling Effective Virtual Teams Using Belbin Team Roles
The Building Effective Teams training program was created and delivered by Sarah Roost to about 100 professionals in offshore teams in 2015. This program was one of many programs featured in the 2014-2015 Authentic Journeys' Chronicle.

This full day program was broken into three modules, which were selected as appropriate by teams attending the sessions. The modules were as follows:

Module 1: Perspectives in Teams
Team training gamesHow perspectives and personal ideas arise. How these concepts can influence your team. Fun activities that tested our perception were used in this section in addition to understanding the differences between teams and groups. 

Module 2: Team Culture – Building effective teams using role assignment
Learn to identify a team culture. Seeing the different team roles to make your team more effective. In this module, participants learn to identify their roles in teams, and how to create effective teams using roles. Role plays were also an essential element of learning roles in teams in this section.

Module 3: Working Effectively in Global Teams
Which competences are important for teams who work local but have to think global. In this final section, participants learn some skills that create internationally minded professionals who work as competent teams across cultural borders. 

Photos from Sessions: 
Team building activities
What makes a team culture?

Team building training programs like this are available for your offshore teams as well. Contact us for more information.

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