Building Global Teams: Authentic Journeys’ Case Studies

Posted On: January 1, 2016

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Cross Cultural Training Portfolio In India

Jennifer Kumar, principle facilitator and Managing Director of Authentic Journeys has trained over 2,000 international professionals in 2014 – 2105. See past year’s chronicles 2013 and 2012 or get in touch with us today to set up your cross-cultural program for your distributed, cross-border team today!   

Presentation Transcript (with additional information not in the video in some sections)

Slide 1: Authentic Journeys 2014 – 2015 Chronicled    

Slide 2: Business Registration   
After six months and many trips to the accountant, lawyers to review and notarize documents, and local municipalities to confirm a myriad of details, the business registration process ended with a trip to the police station.    The first page(s) of official documents in Kerala are printed on ‘stamp paper’ of different denominations.  The official business name in India is Authentic Journeys Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.   

We also moved into an official office in Infopark

Slide 3:College to Corporate   
Jennifer is a miracle maker! At first, I doubted how the crowd would welcome her. We had technical difficulties and the crowd seemed sleepy after lunch. Due to an emergency, I missed her session. When I came back, I saw a room full of active and cheerful people indulged in different activities guided by her.    “I saw the crowd taking selfies and asking for her contact details. It was a boost for our student branch’s reputation.”  

Slide 4: College to Corporate  “In Taiwan, we don’t approach strangers to ask for help or guidance. Jennifer’s sessions gave me tips on networking with Americans in person and online.” ~Accounting Major, SUNY Buffalo    

“Americans talk with a different tone and pace than we do in Colombia.  I learned tips to use my words and voice with confidence with Americans.” ~English Major, SUNY Brockport  From the stars: 

  • Networking & Small Talk (Training Program for Success in the U.S.A.)  
  • Resume & Job Hunting   
  • Interview Tips   

Slide 5: Work Local, Think Global    Keynote speaker panel included Jennifer Kumar and Sarah Roost from Authentic Journeys. A video replay of their speech is available on this slide.    Trouble viewing the video? Click here   Keynote, DevCon 2015, Infopark   

Slide 6: Media Mentions  

  1. Malayala Manorama (Malayalm & English versions) 
  2. Cannot Drive Cars 
    Synopsis: Foreign expat experiences working and living in Kerala. 
  3. Kerala IT News: DevCon 2015 Press Release at Infopark  
  4. Deccan Chronicle: Malayali by Choice
    Synopsis: An American, German and Parisian share experiences as expats living in Kerala, India. 
  5. All Ears English Podcast – Small Talk
    Listen to Jennifer Kumar as a guest on All Ears English with Lindsay McMahon talking about the cross-cultural differences of small talk. 
  6. Business Manorama: Write up on Authentic Journeys
    Synopsis: If you show behavior flaws, then it’s all for nothing  All Malayalam articles have English translations. 

Slide 7: Featured Team Members  
Chris Sufi has been instrumental in delivering high quality:

  • Website copy for Indian companies working with Americans
  • Language training exercise materials
  • Edits for the Authentic Journeys blog and related materials

    Preethi Paul tailors: 

    • Targeted U.S.A. website and marketing copy
    • Attractive and user friendly graphic design templates for brochures and websites

    Meet our Panel of Experts     

    Slide 8: Building Effective Teams 

    Buidling Effective Virtual Teams Using Belbin Team Roles

    The Building Effective Teams training program was created and delivered by Sarah Roost to about 100 professionals in Cabot Solutions, CCS Technologies, Fragomen India, Litmus7, and Xcova. This program was one of many programs featured in the 2014-2015 Authentic Journeys’ Chronicle

    This full day program was broken into three modules, which were selected as appropriate by teams attending the sessions. The modules were as follows:

    Module 1: Perspectives in Teams
    Team training gamesHow perspectives and personal ideas arise. How these concepts can influence your team. Fun activities that tested our perception were used in this section in addition to understanding the differences between teams and groups. 

    Module 2: Team Culture – Building effective teams using role assignment
    Learn to identify a team culture. Seeing the different team roles to make your team more effective. In this module, participants learn to identify their roles in teams, and how to create effective teams using roles. Role plays were also an essential element of learning roles in teams in this section. 

    Module 3: Working Effectively in Global Teams
    Which competences are important for teams who work local but have to think global. In this final section, participants learn some skills that create internationally minded professionals who work as competent teams across cultural borders. 

    Photos from Sessions: 

    Team building activities

    What makes a team culture?

    Team building training programs like this are available for your offshore teams as well. Contact us for more information. 

    “Through learning about performance norms and team roles, we could understand ourselves and our team members better.” ~Vijitha, Xcova   

    Slide 9: Offshore Recruitment     
    123RPO, based in the International Tech Park Bangalore (ITPB/ITPL) was featured in the Building Global Teams: 2014-2015 Authentic Journeys Chronicle of Projects and People.  

    Training for Offshore Recruitment Professionals in India

    123RPO provides ‘On- Demand’ recruitment for contract or permanent technology or engineering positions across North America.

    After the training, the participants shared their feedback:
    “Engaging with a wide range of recruits is easier now because we understand simple concepts of American mindset and customer service.” 

    Client Testimonial: “Jennifer worked with us to create customized call scripts and cheat sheets that increased our engagement rate with recruits.” ~123RPO Recruitment Specialist

    Get in touch with 123RPO for your offshore recruitment needs today! 

    Slide 10: IT Solutions     

    Practicing Group PresentationsCCS Technologies delivers Application Development, ERP, Portal, and Mobility Solutions to American, Middle Eastern, European, and Asian clients. While CCS Technologies is headquartered in Infopark, Kochi, teams are co-located and distributed between the Infopark office, and the Kottayam office, a few hours away. 

    Working with Team CCS was such a pleasure and a wonderful experience. Authentic Journeys has had the pleasure of working with the team on two projects, The Business English Seminar and Team Building Workshop. 

    The Business English Seminar was a comprehensive professional and personality development series that was spread over five months. Candidates attended sessions as well as were assessed on their learning through interactive activities and online quizzes. It was an amazing expeirence to get to interact with the team of about 150 individuals. For me, the time spent between the Kochi, Infopark office and the Kottayam office will always hold a special place in my memory. 

    Browse some photos and feedback from the participants below.

    Learn about CCS Technologies

    “The training has helped me and my team. It was natural. When we can communicate well, we naturally become more confident. I wish you reach out to more professionals and give them the necessary useful tips.” – Mahesh Benoy, Team Lead, HR

    The training program was very constructive and reforming. It helped me in developing my personality as a whole. Thanks Authentic Journeys.  

    =Presentation Skills and Team Building Activities
    Presentation Skills
    Team Building Activiites
    Capturing Many Details in a Simple Format.

    More photos from the E-mail & Business Writing Workshop

    Which card is the quickest, easiest read? “Like” as many cards as you feel are the quickest and easiest to read….
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    The team at CCS in Kottayam and Kochi
    Get in touch with CCS Technologies for customized Application Development, ERP, Portal and Mobility Solutions today! 

    Slide 11: Internet Management Solutions      
    Client Testimonial: “From the sessions, I have learned the importance of time management and how to structure an email. I can participate in better conversations with clients due to improved listening capability and speech clarity.” ~Amaranth   

    Company Summary: Codework-Solutions develops innovative software that helps companies manage employees’ access to the Internet. The solutions include BrowseControl for internet filtering / restriction and  BrowseReporter for monitoring / reporting. 

    Client Testimonial: “The cross-cultural interaction training program gave me a lot of confidence to communicate effectively with the Canadian Head Office.” ~Rajesh   

    Slide 12: eCommerce Solutions     
    Participant’s feedback: “Jennifer’s trainings helped us gain a better perspective on the nuances involved in interacting with cross-cultural teams. It helped in improving the team’s overall conflict management efficiency.”   

    About Litmus7: The heart-core retail enablers who don’t believe in performing business the conventional hard-core way. The company is inspired by a dream to give the retail industry a new experience while transforming them from ‘now’ to ‘next’.  Litmus7 specializes in stabilizing, scaling, and transforming omni-channel eCommerce systems.  

    Participant’s feedback: “Jennifer worked with us to train our people in key areas like conflict management and team culture.” – Dhanya Unnitiriparambil   

    Slide 13: Custom Software Development     
    Suyati develops software in a cost-effective way for small and medium companies by leveraging the best technical and managerial talent from India. 

    Participant’s Feedback: “By learning how people on the other end would feel if we pushed them into a dark zone while the technical team here mulls over possible solutions, we can handle dead air more effectively.” ~Evita Eldhose 

    “With tactical mock demonstrations that helped us to put words into actions, Jennifer’s sessions will stay fresh in our minds for a long time.”   

    Participant Feedback: With tactical mock demonstrations that helped us to put words into actions, Jennifer’s sessions will stay fresh in our minds for a long time. We learned to ‘practice what is preached’. With detailed description, we learned to convey messages effectively, be it over a phone call or about knowing how people on the other end would feel if you pushed them into a dark zone while the technical team here mulls over possible solutions. Given a chance, I will not miss out on another opportunity to attend her sessions!!   

    Slide 14: Educational Services    
    Tutorwaves is an online tutoring platform for students in grades from 1 to 12 from the U.S.A, Canada, the U.K, and Australia.   

    “Jennifer gave an effective training on voice modulation and its impact while interacting with US customers.”  “We gained a better understanding of the US culture and the educational system.” ~Anju Kuruvilla, Manager Marketing & Customer Relations   

    Full quotes: Participant Feedback: Our team at Tutorwaves was able to get a better understanding of the US culture and the educational system. Jennifer also gave an effective training on voice modulation and its impact while interacting with US customers.” – Anju Kuruvilla, Manager Marketing & Customer Relations.   

    About Tutorwaves: Tutorwaves is an online tutoring platform built around strong values by a group of elite academics and educationists. They provide quality learning-teaching experience at an affordable price in a technology-enabled environment to students from grades 1 to 12 from the U.S.A, Canada, the U.K, and Australia.   

    Slide 15: Conveyancing Services    

    While every company that Authentic Journeys works with has a Unique Selling Point (USP), Xcova’s USP is exceptionally intriguing. Couple that with the specialized educational and technical skill of the team members in their work, working with Xcova since 2013, has been particularly invigorating, leaving me waiting for more opportunities to meet them again! 
    So, after this introduction, you must be wondering what does Xcova do? Xcova is a UK based business-to-business (B2B) conveyancing provider, built on many years of referral of cases from estate agents, mortgage brokers, property investors, and developers. 
    Working with Xcova

    When some hear the word conveyancing, they may be surprised to know that Authentic Journeys works with professionals in this domain as it veers so far from the typical IT clientele and theme of most of the Authentic Journeys blogs. While that is true because in law, conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien, keep in mind that the aim of Authentic Journeys is to bridge the culture gap in international business interactions. And, with this aim, team members of Xcova have said:  

    “The tips provided by Jennifer and Sarah during the training session has helped us a lot while communicating with UK clients. The training improved the team’s confidence while interacting with people from the United Kingdom.“ 
    This set of solutions, which focused on customer facing relationship building sessions was a tag-team effort with Belgium native, Sarah Roost. Participants related back to the trainers that applications of techniques resulted in quicker call handing, improved call resolution (in ordinary and, also, challenging situations), and in overall clearer communication with stakeholders. 

    Team Xcova

    The second set of solutions carried out in 2015 focused on team building. This solution, created and delivered by Sarah Roost, also received rave reviews. 
    “We had a great opportunity to attend a wonderful and thoughtful workshop on Team Culture and International Team Work. The workshop covered topics such as Team Culture, Group Cohesion, Team Roles, and Effective Team. We take this opportunity to thank Ms. Sarah and Mrs. Jennifer for their effort to come over here and share their valuable knowledge with us. The workshop was fruitful. While all of us had to participate in the group activities, each one of us received individual attention. This helped us to develop our confidence. As we are working as a team, team culture and team work are essential knowledge. In short, the workshop was useful to us in all ways.” –Reshma
    “We had a great opportunity to attend the workshop of Ms. Sarah and Mrs. Jennifer. It was quite useful and interactive. We participated in a lot of group activities and exercises which helped us to understand the true meaning of Team Culture. In the first session, we learnt to introduce ourselves followed by communication exercise. There were several power point presentations regarding team culture and team roles. We also went through a few performance norms and role expectations. The session was really helpful in order to understand ourselves and our team. Every member of our team actively participated in it. We look forward to such sessions in the future as well.” -Vijitha

    Get in touch with Xcova to learn more about their B2B conveyancing solutions. 

    Company Summary: Xcova is a business-to-business conveyancing provider, built on many years of referral of cases from estate agents, mortgage brokers, property investors, and developers.   Xcova is a UK based company. The tips provided by Jennifer and Sarah during the training session has helped us a lot while communicating with UK clients. The training improved the team’s confidence while interacting with UK people.    

    Slide 16: U.S.A. Culture Awareness Training    
    Practical tips to help to-be expats and international assignees live and set up their life in the USA.    Started in 2014, continuing into 2016 and beyond, this program is conducted in partnership with UST Global and Mentor Global.  Over 500 participants are ready to go to the USA!   

    Slide 17: Website Facelift!   
    Featuring a sleek navigation style, guests can find information faster. The new sections include New Programs, Enhanced Media, and an updated Team and Experts   We thank the team at Top Bracket Company!   Thanks for helping the blog hit the 1 million mark in July 2015! 


    Cross-Cultural Training in Global Business

    Slide 18: Life is a Celebration      Holidays like Onam and Christmas are celebrated with passion, fervor, and fun.  Games and competitions are conducted to add enthusiasm.    What is Onam?     Christmas celebrations at work in India  NRITBI Onam 2014 (above)     GeoInfopark Onam 2015 (Below)   

    Slide 19: Select Client List     These companies understand the importance of cross-cultural training and invest in it. 

    1. 123RPO 
    2. Applexus 
    3. Bridge India  
    4. Cabot Technology Solutions 
    5. Cascade (AIMA) 
    6. CCS Technologies Website
    7. Codework Solutions 
    8. Contentment India, via Copal Amba (a Moody’s Analytics Company)
    9. eClerx
    10. EY
    11. Litmus7
    12. Suyati
    13. Techolution
    14. Tutorwaves 
    15. UST Global
    16. Xcova

    Authentic Journeys Client List

    Also, our Facebook page celebrated it’s 5th year in 2014!! Thank you for your support.

    Contact us for your business coaching and training needs: Preparing expats and international assignees to live in the US Working on virtual teams Working on distributed and global teams Working with Americans Working in India or Working with Indians Hosting US or Western Clients in India and many more programs   

    Our programs are listed here:  We have face-to-face and virtual programs.   
    Contact us:   

    123RPO, Applexus, Bridge, Cabot Technology Solutions, Cascade Revenue Management, CCS Technologies, Codework Solutions, Contentment India, Copal Amba (a Moody’s Analytics Company), Ernst & Young (EY GSS), Litmus 7, Suyati, Techolution, Tutorwaves, UST Global, and Xcova.




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