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Posted On: December 29, 2015

Top 10 Posts - 2015

With over a half a million hits in 2015 alone, the Authentic Journeys’ blog has surpassed 1,000,000 hits in July of 2015. Thank you to all the fans and loyal readers of the blog. Feel free to scan the top 10 posts of 2015 for your reading pleasure! 

The first part of this blog lists the 10 ten articles read overall on the site, while the second part of the blog lists only the top blogs by guest bloggers!

Most Read Articles 2015

  1. What does Ping Me mean?
    About 1,200 have pinged this article to find out! As of 2020, 232,933 people have viewed this blog!

  2. Expats Living in Kochi Featured in Malayala Manorama
    Jennifer Kumar’s excerpt about her experience living as a foreigner in Kerala has been seen in Malayalam and English by over 1,100 browsers. (2020 – 2,300)

  3. Going Onsite? Cross-Cultural Training for Indians Working With Americans
    Over 1,000 are interested to learn how to prepare for their life in the US when going to the client site. This post details example syllabuses for the most popular cross-cultural training program for Indians going abroad. (2020 – 2,100)

  4. Speak Up in Meetings with US Counterparts
    Do you feel reluctant to speak up on weekly status review calls with your American counterparts? Over 800 are in the same boat as you, and have learned a few tips from this post. (2020 – 4,000)

  5. March Madness and Basketball- Small Talk Tips
    Of baseball, football and basketball, basketball is more well known in India. About 850 peers wanted to learn more about this great American sport and how to talk about it with their US clients. (2020 – 2,800)

  6. Career Networking Seminar at SUNY Buffalo – April 17, 2015
    Getting your career off the ground in the U.S., when it’s your second home may not always be easy. Over 800 other international students, professionals and expats are also curious about this program. (2020 – 1,000)

  7. 15 Out of the Box Networking Strategies
    Networking is nothing but building relationships. However, when we think of networking as part of a career building exercise, more than 700 of us get curious to know what can be done to get other’s attention a professionally appropriate way. (2020 -1,200)

  8. Eating With Hands in the US With Colleagues – Yes or No?
    I am sure way more than 700 people are curious about this! Feel free to share your thoughts and tips on this in the comments section of the article. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! (2020 – 3,100) 
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Top Guest Blogger Blogs for 2015

Eleven wonderful and talented authors from the U.S and India shared their thoughts on cross-cultural adjustment, professionalism, small talk, and a host of other intriguing topics on the Authentic Journeys’ blog in 2015.  

  1. 10 Bad Habits Air Travelers Should Avoid on their Next Flight, Shrinidhi Hande
    How NOT to behave on your next domestic or international flight. 
  2. Are you a Squirrel or a Crab?, Urvashi Pande
    A provocative exploration of cross-cultural adjustment. 
  3. Baseball 101: An Introduction to America’s Pastime, Matt Wade
    Is baseball like cricket? What are the names of baseball teams? This post will answer these questions and more so that you can make small talk with your American friends and colleagues when they talk about baseball.
  4. Betrayed By Your Own Culture – An Expat’s Journey Home, Alphonsine Imaniraguha
    A wonderful, thoughtful and memorable essay on reverse culture shock. 
  5. Does an Impressive Title Make You a Good Manager?, Kavyanidhi Narayan
    An exploration of managerial qualities from an Indian perspective.
  6. March Madness and Basketball- Small Talk Tips, Matt Wade
    While people in India play basketball at home, in the park or at the gym and are familiar with what the sport is, knowing about the names of the teams or major playoffs maybe new topics for many Indians. This post will answer those questions. 
  7. Mission R2I, Urvashi Pande
    R2I stands for “Return to India.” Indians use this acronym to refer to moving back to India permanently after living abroad for a few years or a few decades. Understand more about the feelings and images this conjures up by reading this thought provoking essay.
  8. Super Bowl & American Football – What is it all about?, Matt Wade
    Known only as ‘football’ by Americans, this post will give you the whole nine yards about one of America’s favorite small talk topics (even among those who don’t play it or watch it themselves).
  9. Why Business Casual Dress Makes Such Smart Sense Now, Simanta Mohanty
    This article explores some of the popular thought in relation to professional dress codes in India.

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