December 31, 2015

New Year Resolution - Achieved!

New Year Resolution- Achieved
In all the years I have lived on planet Earth, this is the first year I have ever achieved a New Year's Resolution! Yes, I was tempted off the path. Yes, others tried to sway me away. Yes, I worried if it could be done.  


I wanted to achieve this goal by any means possible. Even if it meant I missed hanging out with friends. Even if it meant I was a hermit for a bit. I had to GIVE UP SOMETHING to GAIN SOMETHING! Rather than feeling I was MISSING OUT or DEFLATED I feel ELATED and MOTIVATED. 

Listen to how I achieved my goal by ADAPTING it based on situations! 

Have you ever achieved your new year's resolution? I'd love to hear your story! 

Jennifer Kumar is a corporate and personal development coach. Contact her to help achieve your goals and dreams today! 

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