“Where do I meet a Cross-Cultural Coach for Sessions?”

Posted On: December 2, 2015

Question: Where do I meet a Cross-Cultural Coach for Sessions?

Answer: We make it easy to meet us! Depending on the coach, and their work environment, you could meet your coach in their office, in your office, over the phone, through the Internet (e-mail, chat, video chat). This post answers how you can meet Jennifer Kumar or other coaches and facilitators through Authentic Journeys for sessions. Additionally, in some cases, engagements can take multiple forms- face-to-face, phone and via the Internet. 

Question: How can I meet you for sessions?
Answer: We are a team of business communication consultants and interculturalists. While Authentic Journeys has an office, how, where and when you meet with us depends on if you engage us directly or your company assigns us to work together. Based on that, you can meet us in any one of these settings: 

  • In corporate settings (in a private room in your office – if your company engages us) 
  • In community settings (coffee shops, hotels, etc) 
  • In the Authentic Journeys office (if you engage us personally or for special corporate assignments) 
  • On the Phone (you initiate the call) – Calls happen during work hours if your company assigns sessions. Calls happen after working hours if you engage us personally. 
  • Over Chat – Voice & Video (Internet). If your company engages us, we use your company online platform for the meeting (Gotomeeting, or others). If you engage us, we use Skye or Google Hangouts.) 
Question: I don’t live near you. I live in another country, how can I still be coached by you?
Answer: Yes. Authentic Journeys has and does work with clients living in different parts of India and the world. 
We can meet over the internet or the phone. It is your responsibility to call or ping your assigned coach or facilitator at the right time. Fees for use of the Internet or the phone are additional to the coaching fees and the fees are borne by you, the client.

Question: If we meet in the community, at what places would we meet at?*

  • Your Office
  • Your College
  • Cafe, Restaurant, Bookstore
  • Other suitable locations identified by us.

*Costs for purchases (food, parking fees, etc) while we coach are the responsibility of the client. These costs are in addition to the coaching fees.
* Under no circumstances do we meet at private residences. 

Question: Where online do I meet you? Which accounts do you have?
Answer: I have e-mail, text chat, and video chat services through

  • Gmail (Google) – e-mail, text chat, video chat – user name authenticjourneys
  • Skype – text chat, video chat – user name crossculturalcoach 
When sending a connect request, please introduce yourself. 

Question: Sometimes if I am late, what happens? What if I have to cancel a meeting?
Answer: I do have a late and cancellation policy which is stated in the client services contract you would sign before starting to work with me. 

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