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December 30, 2015

11 Talented Guest Bloggers in 2015

Eleven wonderful and talented authors from the U.S and India shared their thoughts on cross-cultural adjustment, professionalism, small talk, and a host of other intriguing topics on the Authentic Journeys' blog in 2015.  
  1. 10 Bad Habits Air Travelers Should Avoid on their Next Flight, Shrinidhi Hande
    How NOT to behave on your next domestic or international flight.
  2. Are you a Squirrel or a Crab?, Urvashi Pande
    A provocative exploration of cross-cultural adjustment.
  3. Baseball 101: An Introduction to America's Pastime, Matt Wade
    Is baseball like cricket? What are the names of baseball teams? This post will answer these questions and more so that you can make small talk with your American friends and colleagues when they talk about baseball.
  4. Betrayed By Your Own Culture - An Expat's Journey Home, Alphonsine Imaniraguha
    A wonderful, thoughtful and memorable essay on reverse culture shock.
  5. Does an Impressive Title Make You a Good Manager?, Kavyanidhi Narayan
    An exploration of managerial qualities from an Indian perspective.
  6. Employability Skills – Perception vs. Reality, Chithra R
    What makes a person employable and job ready? Click through to find out.
  7. March Madness and Basketball- Small Talk Tips, Matt Wade
    While people in India play basketball at home, in the park or at the gym and are familiar with what the sport is, knowing about the names of the teams or major playoffs maybe new topics for many Indians. This post will answer those questions.
  8. Mission R2I, Urvashi Pande
    R2I stands for "Return to India." Indians use this acronym to refer to moving back to India permanently after living abroad for a few years or a few decades. Understand more about the feelings and images this conjures up by reading this thought provoking essay.
  9. Pranay John: Creativity of Being a TEDx Speaker
    A video of a TED talk given at SUNY Cortland by Pranay John is shared in this post along with wise words about presentation skills shared by the speaker himself!
  10. Super Bowl & American Football - What is it all about?, Matt Wade
    Known only as 'football' by Americans, this post will give you the whole nine yards about one of America's favorite small talk topics (even among those who don't play it or watch it themselves).
  11. Ulage Un Uruvum Enna: Demystifing ScienceChris Sufi.  Book Review of the Tamil book Ulage Un Uruvum Enna.
  12. Visit to a Sikh Gurudwara in the US, Alan Headbloom
    Alan shares pictures and experiences of a visit to a Sikh "church" in Michigan.
  13. Why Business Casual Dress Makes Such Smart Sense Now, Simanta Mohanty
    This article explores some of the popular thought in relation to professional dress codes in India.
  14. Why do we miss the bigger picture in engineering skill development?, Chitha R
    Does engineering skill development have to end only with the technical learning? Click through to learn more. 

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