What Can a Cross-Cultural Coach Do To Help Me?

Posted On: November 30, 2015

What a cross-cultural strategist does and doesn’t do?


A Cross-Cultural Strategist DOES:

Can Cross Cultural Coaching Really Help Me?
  • Helps you create ideas and solutions. You are in charge of deciding which path (decision) to take. 
  • Helps you keep on track, by providing accountability for your decisions.
  • Keep all your information confidential (doesn’t tell anyone)
  • Interview preparation and career strategy 
  • Review, understand and apply solutions for better cross-cultural business interactions 
  • Helps you work more effectively on diverse, international, dispersed teams 
  • Works to help you prepare more compelling presentations and meetings for offshore and onsite success 
  • Prepares you and your team for offshore client visits 
  • Prepares you and your team for international travel, onsite business interactions and life in the U.S.A. 

A Cross-Cultural Strategist DOESN’T:

  • Tell you what to do (Give advice) 
  • Make decisions for you 
  • Physically get you ready to move (Pack, logistics, etc.) 
  • Apply for visas, prepare immigration paperwork 
  • Gossip or give away your information 
  • Find you a job, secure a US visa  

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Author of this post, Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural business strategist and corporate coach who provides tailor made sessions to internationally minded career professionals in one on one or small group (up to three) sessions. For more information, contact us today or start by filling out the intake form (made specifically for language fluency coaching), and we will get in touch with you!  

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