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November 17, 2015

Videos of Americans Celebrating Thanksgiving

USA Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving, America's harvest festival, falls on the fourth Thursday of November (In 2019, Thanksgiving falls on November 28). In this blog, let's watch a few videos of Americans celebrating this secular holiday.

Americans Express Gratitude on Thanksgiving Holiday
See how two average American families celebrate Thanksgiving. In this video, one can see the kinds of foods Americans eat on this holiday including turkey, cranberries and other main courses. Also, you can learn about how Americans show their thanks on Thanksgiving and how they make wishes.

Surprising My Family On Thanksgiving
In today's world, many of us may live away from our families for work, studies or other reasons. In the US, this is also the case. So, it is only on major holidays like Thanksgiving that people make sure they go home to spend their days off of work, college or school with their families. Sometimes, these visits are not always discussed with family members in advance as the out of town family member wants to surprise their family, reuniting with them on Thanksgiving, as in the video below.

Thanksgiving Travel: Millions on the Move
Thanksgiving is the busiest travel season for Americans. According to the video below, in 2012, more than 40 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from home to reunite with families for Thanksgiving. See more in the video below.

While the number of people travel may vary from year to year, a few things remain the same: some may start their holiday the Friday before Thanksgiving, so people look out for local, state or national forecasts to plan their travel by air or car in advance. See the two videos below for more insights.
2019 Thanksgiving Travel Forecast

Friday marks beginning of Thanksgiving travel period

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