Thiruvathirakali – Onam Dance at Litmus7

Posted On: November 19, 2015

Pookkalam or flower carpet created on OnamThe women at Litmus7 would impress you like no others! Although busy e-commerce professionals serving fortune 500 clients, they still find time for Onam celebrations. To prepare for the festivities, they held virtual thiruvathirakali dance classes for a number of weeks between Kochi and Bangalore. They shared steps, practiced moves, and choreographed everything–without being in the same room! The only time they practiced together in person was the day before the actual performance, when they met onsite in the Kochi office. Having experienced dance practice with other groups, I understand the time, communication, and coordination that goes into such a performance. Because of this, I was truly impressed how their team could meld such a performance, largely by remote. This made me think about how the Litmus7 team culture would inspire teamwork and communication among locations and how this would be a much sought-after strength for offshore teams working with American clients.  

-Co written by Jennifer Kumar and Lekshmi Chandra (Litmus7). Edited by Alan Headbloom

Litmus7 is located in GeoInfopark, Kakkanad, Kerala, India.



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