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November 14, 2015

Pranay John: Creativity of Being a TEDx Speaker

Pranay John
I am always fascinated with TED talks, most of the people I know are. But, I never knew I’d meet get to meet a TED talks speaker. And, that too, kind of by accident. I met Pranay John in April at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) at a conference in which I presented. Being as part of the audience, I did not come to know about his TEDx experience until some months later when we were chatting by e-mail.

In that interaction, I found out he had delivered quite an interesting, engaging and thought provoking talk entitled Is it Possible to Plan for Creativity? Upon watching it (video, below)
, I was immediately enthralled about the topic and his delivery. After seeing the talk, I asked Pranay the following questions:

How did you get involved in this TEDx event?

The Tedx talk was just my good fortune as I had applied to attend the event, but since one of the speakers dropped out two weeks prior, they asked me if I would like to speak based on my application.
What is one tip or piece of advice you have for aspirant Ted or Tedx speakers? 
I would say to just say yes to any opportunity to speak in public. I don't think I can ever be fully prepared to speak at an event and you never know when the opportunity may present itself.
Tedx logo
What do you think is the best part about talking at a TEDx event?
The best part about giving the ted talk was actually being able to discuss it afterwards with members of the audience.
I think I have a lot to learn from Pranay, as we all do, when listening to his TEDx talk below that was hosted at the State University of New York at Cortland in early 2015. 

Pranay John is an Alternative Energy Professional specializing in Mechanical Design through SUNY Buffalo in the USA. For more about him, see his LinkedIn profile.

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