Bite the Bullet – Meaning of the Idiom

Posted On: November 28, 2015

“India development team, we really gotta bite the bullet, stay late and finish this project so we don’t have to deal with it on Monday.” 

“There’s no one else to do this but me. I guess I should bite the bullet and just finish it off.”   

“That bug is really irritating. This ticket is taking too long. Paul, can you please bite the bullet and finish it before you leave tonight?”  

Meaning of Bite the Bullet 

Bite the bullet is an idiom that has many uses in business and casual discussions. Some of the above statements could be heard in offices across the U.S. Could you make out the meaning of this American idiom – to bite the bullet?  

Yep, you got it! To bite the bullet means to do something pending, something we may have been been putting off, something we find hard or cumbersome to do. Often when we bite the bullet, we have to stop procrastinating on work we find unpleasant and do it no matter what. 

How to Respond to the Idiom 
How do you think you could respond to the phrases or sentences above if they were said to you? 

Free Video Tutorials 
The video podcasts below share a few more sample sentences with this phrase, bite the bullet. 

Check out this tutorial on Bite the Bullet by Phillip 

Have you ever faced a time you had to bite the bullet? 

Author of this blog, Jennifer Kumar, helps your team in India to communicate more effectively with their American counterparts, clients or colleagues. 

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