Authentic Journeys Welcomes Miles Whitney

Posted On: November 26, 2015

Miles Whitney

Please join me in welcoming Miles Whitney to the coaching and expert panel of Authentic Journeys. Miles has been living in India since early 2015. Coming from Phoenix, Arizona, a place much hotter than many places in India, he enjoys the climate in his Indian city of Hyderabad. He has already started interacting with and helping out clients through virtual sessions. He is eager to meet more of you, and help you achieve personal and professional success while working on virtual teams or with Americans in the U.S. Feel free to explore his bio below and get in touch with him through the website on the contact page

Miles Whitney 
Born and raised in the U.S.A., Miles lived in India where he shares his personal knowledge of the American culture and his hands-on experience in the American professional engineering environment. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the U.S.A. His most recent corporate role was a Technical Lead for a large international engineering firm where he was in charge of a diversified group of engineering professionals. 

As an engineer in the corporate world of the U.S.A., he has worked with people from all across the world – from South America to Southeast Asia. From this experience with a diverse group of people, he has learned to understand the difficulties they face, and how they can improve their relationships working with not only Americans, but with people from many other countries. Additionally, he has learned and developed the habits and strategies that are need to survive in the corporate world.

His key areas of expertise are:

  • American Accent 
  • American Culture 
  • Spoken and Written Communication 
  • Influence & Leadership  

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