November 16, 2015

App Release Success Checklist

Are you thinking about creating an app? Do you want to assess its business viability? 

Based on their proven track record in the mobile app space, Cabot Solutions, located in Infopark, Kochi, Kerala, India shares the six essential success factors to consider while deciding to develop an app.

Which of these characterize the app:
  1. It’s topical
  2. It’s unique
  3. It’s viable
  4. It’s engaging
  5. It has viral potential
  6. It has been tested 

Some of the apps created by Cabot Solutions that passed business viability litmus test include:
Proconnect+ on
Go Goa


Proconnect+ on
Google Play
TieCON 2015

Kickoff 2014

Feel free learn more about their apps through viewing the app profiles linked above. If you’re interested to learn more about the six checklist items, read more details at their original blog on this topic entitled 6 Ways to Verify Whether Your App Idea Will Succeed.

To learn more about Cabot Solutions, read Engaging Employees and International Clientele: A Conversation with Cabot Solutions’ CEO Venkatesh Thyagarajan.

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