November 21, 2015

3 Steps To Clear, Persuasive Speech

The video in this post outlines three questions you can ask yourself to deliver more engaging, persuasive dialogue, demos, presentations or speeches. The questions, while simple, will lead you to build your skills in clearer enunciation and pronunciation that will help your audience listen with more clarity. 

For those on virtual, distributed software teams, these tips will help not only offshore team members but those onsite, those who speak English as their first and only language. As English is often the common language of business and meetings for virtual, software teams, it's important that everyone, second language speakers and native speakers know how to speak clearly on the phone or via conference calls for more engaging, clear dialogue. 

The reason I decided to share this video is that these are practical tips I share with almost all of the participants in Authentic Journeys' coaching programs. We look at how to practice, gain awareness and apply the skills from the video and many others to create professional and polished interactions with diverse team members from different language backgrounds and countries. 

For more tips on speaking clear English to international team members, read Anyone Anywhere will Understand Your English Using These Tips.

Jennifer Kumar helps offshore and onsite software teams communicate with clarity across cultural divides. For more information, contact us today.

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