Strengths & Weaknesses – Interview Preparation

Posted On: October 11, 2015

Common questions in many interviews include asking about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Tips for talking about strengths:
  • Choose strengths that match job description – tasks or outcomes
  • Choose 3 of the most relevant or important strengths
  • Tell a short story one strength or all three strengths in one story
  • Close with how this relates to the position under scrutiny

Take a look at these videos –
How to Answer Tough Interview Questions: What is one of your weaknesses? (from Capella Career Center) 
How to Answer: What is Your Greatest Strength? (from SparkHire) 
An overview on how to answer What is your biggest weaknesses? (from Dice)

Tips for talking about weaknesses:

  • Don’t take a strength and make it a weaknesses
  • Talk about a real weaknesses
  • Name something you want to improve, and how you are improving it
  • Don’t mention weaknesses that are major components of the job being hired for
  • Stick to tasks over personality traits

This is not a trick question with the right strategy to answer it, as discussed in this video.

Make a WAR on Weaknesses!

W – State the weakness / Pair it with a strength if possible
A – Action – what have you done to overcome it
R- Results – what result have you seen or do you plan to see after the change?

For more on how to take on this WAR in a positive way, using the sandwich approach, watch this video

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