UST Connections with Xerox

Posted On: September 1, 2015

Alexandria Kelly is one of the first graduates of the UST Step it Up Program in Rochester, New York. The Rochester program co-sponsored by the Rochester STEM training program and Xerox helps to improve minority and women presence in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Recently, Alexandria and major players from UST were featured on Innovation Friday on the local Rochester National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate WXXI discussing the program and related STEM topics on the show Innovation Friday

The goal of the Step it Up Program is to increase visibility of minorities and women in STEM. Currently in the US 12% of the graduates in STEM are women and minorities. Of the 12% graduate pool, only 2% get jobs in their respective STEM degree field.

The panel participants on the program included:

  • Alexandria Kelley – past graduate of the Rochester STEM training Program
  • Dan Weber is Vice President Technology for UST – mentored Alexandria
  • BG Moore – Chief of Staff UST

To listen to the one hour radio talk show program, click here

Links to the Innovation Trail show website here.


Learn more about UST (formerly UST Global) here.

Authentic Journeys is affiliated with UST. Authentic Journeys has trained over 500 professionals in India to work effectively with Americans on distributed software teams. Jennifer Kumar, the managing director of Authentic Journeys also has connections to Rochester, NY as she lived in Rochester in the past. Read about our efforts here


Photo credit: Photo provided by social media experts at UST.


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