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September 16, 2015

Similarities: U.S. and Indian Cultures

In cross-cultural training programs, we focus on bridging the culture gap. To this end, we often look at areas where the cultures overlap. This provides some relief to participants who may have an impression that they have to sit in a training only to learn new and different things. In discussing similarities, we are able to feel a bit relaxed knowing that we don't have to completely change to do the right thing when interacting in cross-cultural business environments.

Some of the similarities paritcipants noted after a two day cross-cultural training program are listed below. 

People from India and the U.S.:
  • have many holidays, and enjoy a lot in their holidays
  • partially disagree in similar ways 
  • like to make small talk during business meetings 
  • have a diversity of people and cultures 
  • both classify their regions like north, south, etc.  
  • have manners and pleasantries when interacting with each other
  • give importance to family during their celebrations 
  • like to socialize with their coworkers and celebrate special occassions 

What other similiarities have you noticed between the U.S. and Indian business cultures? Feel free to note them in the comments below. 

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