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September 9, 2015

Office Attire Dos and Don'ts - Tutorials on Tata Sky

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Are you a man with questions about how to dress for success in offshore in India or onsite in the US? Do you wonder about kinds of suits or differences between suits and blazers? If the answer is yes, then I have found the perfect tutorials for you! 

Active Smart Manager is a nice series hosted on Tata Sky on channel 548 in Hindi with English optional dubbing. 

This 91 day course will cover all kinds of corporate etiquette topics to help you be successful and confident at work, and it's free! Today (September 9, 2015), they are showing the tutorial entitled Formal & Casual Dressing. 

This series is really good for men entering their careers as well as career professionals. It covers the following topics: 
  • How clothing creates an impression of us and our seriousness about our work. 
  • Casual vs. Professional Dressing 
  • How to Dress in an Indian Office (Many tips are similar for many offices in the US, as well.)
  • What is Friday Dressing or Casual Dressing? (How can you avoid being too casual?) 
  • How to buy and wear suits, different kinds of suits, which suits are good for what occasions. 
  • How to buy, match and use blazers. 
  • Blazers vs. suits. 

All corporate etiquette tutorials have an English summary at the end, with optional onscreen tests, tips, corporate dictionary and topic schedules. 

I hope to see a similar tutorial for women, how to dress to impress both with Western and Indian clothes. 

Jennifer Kumar is a corporate coach providing cross-cultural and professional finishing school training programs to Indian IT professionals and others working in offshore teams, outsourced projects and global, dispersed teams. Browse our programs, or contact us today.  

Picture: Screen shot of a still of the tutorial. Taken with a smartphone.

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