September 6, 2015

Holidays in Britain

Some may be surprised that we are featuring a blog post on British holidays as this blog bridges the culture gap between U.S. Americans and people from India. While a majority of Authentic Journeys' clients work with Americans, several hundred also work on distributed teams with U.K. and British counterparts. Some of these teams have members from various Western countries including Britain, while other teams are 100% U.K. or British teams. Due to this, I thought some readers may like to learn a little about the British holidays. This post will provide links to video tutorials to 20 different British holidays.

The list of videos will appear in the order listed in the embedded video below. If preferred, click on the link of the specific video to watch it in a separate browser or tab.
  1. British Holidays - New Year's Day 
  2. British Holidays - Christmas   
  3. British Holidays - Easter 
  4. British Holidays - Guy Fawkes Day   
  5. British Holidays - Pancake Day and Shrove Tuesday   
  6. British Holidays - Lent   
  7. British Holidays - Remembrance Day 
  8. British Holidays - May Day   
  9. British Holidays - Valentine's Day 
  10. British Holidays - Advent   
  11. British English Holidays - Mothering Sunday 
  12. British English Holidays - Grand National   
  13. British English Holidays - Twelfth Night 
  14. British English Holidays - April Fool's Day   
  15. British English Holidays - Boxing Day 
  16. British English Holidays - Midsummer's Day   
  17. British English Holidays - St. George's Day 
  18. British English Holidays - Father's Day 
  19. British English Holidays - Queen's Birthday   
  20. British English Holidays - St. David's Day
 See the YouTube channel titled Learn English with  for more videos on learning about British culture, American culture and the English language.

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